Mission and values

Statement of the management of "Roads and Bridges" LTD concerning the Management Policy

The Management Policy (MP) of "Roads and Bridges" Ltd. is focused on providing services related to construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads, traffic facilities, communications and urban infrastructure around them, production of aggregates, production of concrete mixtures and articles of them, production of asphalt, maintenance and repair of all types of construction and other equipment, freight.
The MP of "Roads and Bridges" Ltd. is the result of the commitment of the management to minimize pollution and harmful environmental impacts and minimize the risks of manufacturing activity for health and safety of workers in the organization and interested parties, continuous improvement of QMS in accordance with applicable law.

In furtherance of this policy leadership of the organization focuses its efforts in the following areas:

·         Strengthening the organization as a competitive high-executor of road construction, repair services;

·         Efficient use of available material, human and financial resources and capital to meet the requirements of investors, customers, employees, society and other stakeholders;

·         Commitment to comply with legal requirements and voluntarily accepted health and safety regulations related to the activities, processes, work places, work equipment and products of the organization;

·         Application of best available techniques where possible and economically viable;
Providing the necessary training and strengthening the personal responsibility to ensure safe and healthy working conditions;

·         Reducing the risk of disease, accidents and incidents in the workplace by adopting goals and programs for health and safety;

·         Continuously improve environmental protection by reducing air pollution, water, soil and waste management;

·         Compliance with applicable legal requirements related to environment, related to activities, processes and products of their organization and aspects of corporate requirements;

·         Providing the necessary training to increase competence, environmental awareness of staff and strengthening of personal responsibility towards the environment;

·         Active cooperation with authorized organizations for environmental control and all stakeholders in solving problems in environmental protection;

To realize these goals, "Roads and Bridges" Ltd. is build an integrated management system conforming to international standards ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Management creates the necessary conditions for ensuring strict compliance with the requirements of the Integrated Management System in the organization and active participation of both managers and staff in its development.